On-Going Packages


On-going marketing

Our on-going marketing goal is to design a model that streamlines all of the essentials, allows a little room for customization, but ensures quality at the best rate. 

There is a $500 getting started fee for all services to make sure we align and set you up for success.


HELPING HAND | $1500 per month 

Social or blog with some email. Graphic design and written content only.


Optimize | $2500 per month

Combination of social, blog, email, analytics, and weekly content strategy updates. Graphic and written content only.


Accelerate | $4000 per month

Combination of social, blog, email, analytics, weekly content strategy, PR outreach, and video production.


Strategic Packages



Our foundational consulting goal is to make sure that your basics are solid and ready to scale. You can throw events, blog and tweet all day long. If your traffic is getting lost or people don't get you, you're wasting money and time. 



We provide you with a detailed questionnaire and review everything you have. Based on this we give you a roadmap of what to do, what to prioritize and expected costs. Whether you work with us or someone else, no pressure to work with us. This is just a good way to get some clarity on where you are and how to move forward.


Marketing Magnet | $2500

Find your true north. Who are you in the ecosystem? What do you look like? How do you talk? What do you talk about? How is your value communicated and packaged? Why the hell do you matter and who do you matter to?



How are you engaging? What type of relationship are you looking for? From the first hello to partnering with your customers for years, what could this look like? What can you realistically manage now? What are the goals?

We map it out and put together a 90 day execution plan including resource management.


WEBsite + MARKETING SET UP | $2500 +

Squarespace, Wordpress and Custom sites. These project will need to be scoped out for pricing.


A La Carte Menu 

We have pooled together some awesome freelancers for various levels of work. We communicate the vision, needs and manage.  You get pretty much whatever you need.



Web Design + Development. Copywriting.  Graphic Design. Video Production. 



Packaging. Storybuilding. PR.  Analytics. Sponsored Content Design + Set Up.  Training. Digital Content Creation (Tutorials, Webinars, Podcasts, etc.).