• Carley Marcelle

Why an Ethic of Love Belongs in Business and Our Societal Systems - Samantha Thomas

In this week's #Reimagine show, Carley Marcelle speaks with Samantha Thomas, love researcher and founder of the Love Summit and Business and Leadership Conference, about why we need to redefine the ambiguous, hot button word "love" and how to practice it through a love ETHIC in both life AND business. Join us live to reimagine a thriving humanity future with us.

About the Speaker >> Samantha Thomas, Founder of Just Choose Love

Samantha Thomas (ST) is a social entrepreneur, love researcher, and speaker on the love ethic as a force for social justice. In 2015, ST founded the #JustChooseLove movement and the Love Summit, a business and leadership conference that brings together business, government, and civil society to discuss and develop solutions to today’s most pressing global challenges. Previously, she worked as executive director of Dream Change, a 501c3 nonprofit founded by New York Times bestselling author and economist, John Perkins. She has also modeled and facilitated events in the eco-fashion industry in New York City. ST’s work in sustainability and social justice has been featured in media and publications such as FOX19, Real Leaders, The Huffington Post, Spirituality & Health, The Oregonian, and Yes! Magazine. She received a Bachelor of Science in Sustainable Living with a minor in Business Management from Maharishi International University in 2011, and completed leadership training from the Institute for the Advancement of Human Behavior in 2012. ST is currently working on a Master of Science in Global Prosperity at University College London where she is conducting research on the love ethic as a force for social justice. She lives between the United States and the United Kingdom and is currently based in Nashville, Tennessee. Follow ST on Instagram @lovebyst and @justchooselove, on Twitter @justchooselove, and on Facebook @justchooselove.

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