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How to Practice Inclusion in Your Stories - Donna Pahel and Mike Bonifer

Updated: Sep 23, 2020

In this week's #Reimagine show, Carley Marcelle speaks with Donna Pahel and Mike Bonifer of 21 Day Story about why organizations need to practice inclusion through stories. Many companies have made goals (especially as of late) to practice diversity in hiring and succession planning, but does this automatically make your culture or brand more inclusive? While well-intentioned, we can’t practice inclusion until we break out of our tendency to write “dominant” narratives, which by their nature, are not inclusive. Quantum storytellers Donna and Mike (yes quantum storytelling is real thing!) will help you see the BIG power of narrative and how to change it.



Donna Pahel , Empathetic Disruptor and Co-Founder/CEO of 21 Day Story

Donna is an empathetic disruptor of status quo with a proven track record in the field of transformative change at the systemic level. Her approach has helped organizations achieve organizational transformation and innovate across a spectrum of market structures and organization scales.

 Donna’s experience spans cross-industry enterprises including Walmart, Sam’s Club, Giant Eagle, GGP (now Brookfield Properties), PPG and Episerver. Her people-empowered, technology-enabled approach creates an all-around winning scenario for organizations, leaders, employees and their customers.

Donna is a proud Hapa and mama to Kaelin and Nola, two trailblazers in their own right.

Mike Bonifer, Co-Founder and Quantum Storyteller, 21 Day Story

Mike is a renowned storyteller who has devoted a lifetime to developing story platforms and practices. His long-time associations with the likes of the Walt Disney Company, Skype, Wipro, Manulife and universities such as Notre Dame, NYU, USC and Loyola Marymount are testament to his craft.

In 2015, he launched bigSTORY, a global network of experts with backgrounds in improvisation, storytelling, dance and music, who offer training and strategic consultations on communication processes. He is the author of GameChangers — Improvisation for Business in the Networked World, and many scholarly articles on the craft of storytelling.

Mike writes and performs poetry at the World Stage in South Central Los Angeles and in every spare moment shares stories with his grandbaby, Rosie.

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