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How to Create Space for Hard Conversations

How often do we avoid hard conversations hoping they'll go away? How often do we tell ourselves, especially at work, "that's personal, not professional?" And how often does it make us miserable or bite us in the a**?

ESPECIALLY in disruption, we cannot continue to avoid hard conversations.

But even when we know this, how can we do our best to create a healthy space for healthy dialogues on thorny topics?

Join us for virtual cocktails and meet with other passionate change leaders. Introductions and key speaker on leading in disruptive times, Jermaine Suggs of Johnson Controls, followed by a learning exchange on how to create space for hard conversations facilitated by Hanlie Van Wyk, Co-Founder of Change Craft, behavioral change expert, and PhD candidate for Hate Crime Studies.


Jermaine Suggs - Global Director of Diversity & Inclusion at Johnson Controls



Hanlie Van Wyk - Co-Founder of Change Craft

Hanlie Van Wyk is a behavioral change expert, systems strategist, author, and PhD candidate for Hate Crime Studies. Her fascination with human behavior started while growing up in South Africa. From working to prevent hate crime to humanizing the workplace, her career spans three decades and four continents researching and applying behavioral change strategies to some of the most challenging behavioral problems. As director of change at Change Craft (powered by Behavioral Research and Applied Technology Laboratory) she studies, develops and applies agnostic systems that make change sticky and results in high performing individuals and cultures. >> LinkedIn

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