Why For Profit For Impact Is a Smart Business Strategy - Debbie Ferruzzi

In this episode of #ReimaginedTogether, Carley Marcelle speaks with Founder/CEO of Humanity Rising, Debbie Ferruzzi, about the incredible benefits that organizations can realize when they partner with non-profits. We’ll walk through why now is the time to take the step, what partnerships can look like, and how to find the right fit for your company.

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Replays available anytime thereafter. Podcast listening coming soon.


DEBBIE FERRUZZI | Founder/CEO of Humanity Rising

Debbie has been passionately involved in entrepreneurship and socially conscious activities for most of her professional life. She enjoyed a 25-year career working for legendary real estate entrepreneur Sam Zell, and in her role as Executive Vice President of Corporate Strategy, Debbie developed and led the company’s first social impact programs that engaged employees across the country. Believing that “one story can change the world,” Debbie steered the BeCause Foundation, a Chicago based nonprofit, as it produced five independent documentary films and related strategic impact campaigns. The theatrically released film “Bully” helped shine national attention on the bullying crisis in America. While working on "Bully", Debbie saw the power that young people have to change the world. She combined her passion and background in corporate social impact with a student-led call to action, and founded Humanity Rising.

A Chicago native, Debbie obtained an MBA with a concentration in finance from the University of Chicago and a BS in business from Eastern Illinois University.

“I am grateful for the opportunity to bring people together through Humanity Rising. I believe that young people truly have the power to change the world and I’m inspired daily by the acts of service and volunteerism performed by students who have become part of the Humanity Rising Movement.”


CARLEY MARCELLE | Host & Founder of The Matutine Network

Carley is an extraordinary brand collaborator, a speaker, a content producer, and the Founder of the Matutine Experience Network. She's a story disruptor and big picture thinker on a mission to help awaken human (and brand leadership) extraordinary and to rewrite the big stories and the big systems to actually support it.


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