• Carley Marcelle

Digitalizing Humans - Why Your Digital Transformation Relies on HUMAN Transformation

In this week’s episode of #ReimaginedTogether, we’re talking about why digital transformation relies on human transformation and how to prepare YOUR PEOPLE for the realities of digitalization. Carley Marcelle will facilitate a dialogue between Sean O’Kelly, CTO at Meetings & Events International, former CIO of the State of Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulations, Jeremy Treadwell, Data and Cyber Security Specialist and Co-Founder of the Treadwell Agency, and Hanlie Van Wyk, applied research psychologist, human behavioral expert and Co-Founder of Change Craft resiliency training. We’ll talk about where we get digitalization wrong, why it fails, and how you can help your people to cope with and adopt your digital investments.

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Replays available anytime thereafter. Podcast listening coming soon.





Jeremy is a vision capitalist, technologist, futurist and founder who has led a vast array of transformation efforts for Fortune 500 and 1000 companies across multiple industries. He has always been focused on solving the ‘human factor’ in everything and building innovative, scalable solutions. Jeremy consults with organizations on data, privacy, and security as the Co-Founder at Treadwell Agency and is in the process of releasing his beta product, SIMCIA, a solution that helps companies to grow cultures prioritize security mindfulness. https://www.linkedin.com/in/jeremytre...



Hanlie Van Wyk is a behavioral change expert, systems strategist, author, and PhD candidate for Hate Crime Studies. Her fascination with human behavior started while growing up in South Africa. From working to prevent hate crime to humanizing the workplace, her career spans three decades and four continents researching and applying behavioral change strategies to some of the most challenging behavioral problems. As director and change at Change Craft (powered by Behavioral Research and Applied Technology Laboratory) she studies, develops and applies agnostic systems and practices that make change sticky and results in high performing individuals and cultures. https://www.linkedin.com/in/hanlievan...


CARLEY MARCELLE | Host & Founder of The Matutine Network

Carley is an extraordinary brand collaborator, a speaker, a content producer, and the Founder of the Matutine Experience Network. She's a story disruptor and big picture thinker on a mission to help awaken human (and brand leadership) extraordinary and to rewrite the big stories and the big systems to actually support it.


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