The Co-Creation Team + Disruption Advisors

Matutine works a bit differently - it's a progressive partnership ecosystem and co-creation business model. The following individuals advise on how to increase network value and many of them offer learning services to members within the network.

Carley Marcelle

Founder, Chief Creative, Connector + Explorer of Human Extraordinary

Carley has explored a wide array of professional lives and study around the world for the last fifteen years with longer histories in the arts/entertainment, entrepreneurship, and marketing. Obsessed with understanding how humans create meaning and why it matters for our future, she is now on a mission to help people awaken their extraordinary human potential and to choose a thriving humanity future. She's found we have all of the key ingredients we need to create a thriving humanity, but we lack the support to empower fragmented efforts... and so Matutine was born. A fusion of learning, the arts, activism, and community-building... a network of people and experiences that help change agents become unstoppable thriving humanity leaders.

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Co-Creators + Advisors

Carly Kuhn

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Writer + Client Relationship Guide >> Matutine Strategy Advisor 

Hanlie Van Wyk

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Co-Founder at Change Craft >> Advises on Change Resiliency, Leadership, Inclusion, + Spirituality

Jeremy Treadwell

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Co-Founder at Treadwell Agency >> Advises on Security, Data, and Product Strategy

Donna Pahel

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Founder + CEO of 21 Day Story >> Advises on Organizational Agility + Story Co-Creation

Colin Bullen

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Co-Founder of Change Craft >> Advises on Change Resiliency, + Wellness ROI

Mikki Williams

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TEDx Hall of Fame Speaker, Vistage Master Chair and Executive Speaking Coach >>  Advises on Speaking + Storytelling

Mike Smith

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Founder + CEO of Hiring Stage >> Advises on Talent Acquisition, Hiring and Unique Work Value Proposition

Virginia Kuhn, PhD

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Professor of Cinema Media Arts + Practice Division, University of Southern California >> Advises on Multimedia Literacy + Learning 

Cameron Croft

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Founder of asenda, President of the All A-Board Alliance, Nonprofit innovation consulting

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