The Co-Creation Team + Disruption Advisors

Matutine works a bit differently - it's a progressive partnership ecosystem and co-creation business model. The following individuals advise on how to increase network value and many of them offer learning services to members within the network.

Carley Marcelle

Founder, Speaker, + Innovation Facilitator - Brand Leadership

I empower aligned minds to co-create and accelerate thriving humanity change.

Carley has explored a wide array of professional lives and study around the world for the last fifteen years with longer histories in the arts/entertainment, entrepreneurship, and marketing. Obsessed with understanding how humans create meaning and why it matters for our future, she is now on a mission to help people awaken extraordinary and to thrive in disruption. She's found we have all the tools and people we need to create a thriving humanity, but we lack the support to empower fragmented efforts... and so Matutine was born. A fusion of entertainment, learning, activism, and community-building... an experience network that supports established and emerging change leaders to lead in disruption consciously, together and with joy.

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Co-Creators + Advisors

Carly Kuhn

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Writer + Client Relationship Guide >> Matutine Strategy Advisor 

Hanlie Van Wyk

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Co-Founder at Change Craft >> Advises on Change Resiliency, Leadership, Inclusion, + Spirituality

Jeremy Treadwell

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Co-Founder at Treadwell Agency >> Advises on Security, Data, and Product Strategy

Donna Pahel

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Founder + CEO of 21 Day Story >> Advises on Organizational Agility + Story Co-Creation

Colin Bullen

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Co-Founder of Change Craft >> Advises on Change Resiliency, + Wellness ROI

Mikki Williams

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TEDx Hall of Fame Speaker, Vistage Master Chair and Executive Speaking Coach >>  Advises on Speaking + Storytelling

Mike Smith

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Founder + CEO of Hiring Stage >> Advises on Talent Acquisition, Hiring and Unique Work Value Proposition

Virginia Kuhn, PhD

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Professor of Cinema Media Arts + Practice Division, University of Southern California >> Advises on Multimedia Literacy + Learning 

Cameron Croft

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Founder of asenda, President of the All A-Board Alliance, Nonprofit innovation consulting

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