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The engineers of the future will be poets.
— Terence McKenna

We ready hearts and minds for transformational change.


The age of disruption has arrived.

Innovation and change is happening faster than it ever has in the history of mankind. What used to be two to three major psychological or physical changes in a lifetime is now two to three a decade. We have entered a new age with a new norm: disruption.

When the headlines are sexy, and it seems everyone wants to jump on the disruption bandwagon, we can easily forget that this level of innovation and pace of change is by definition “disrupting”...

Unsettling, confusing, and anxiety-provoking. When it comes to disruptive products and ideas, more often than not, that new product, new policy, new in-house tool, new business model, new movement is met with...


Or worse… Intense anger.

One reason: not all disruption is good.

But yours is, right? It’s good, and it’s critical.

If that’s true. If the advantages outweigh the disadvantages by a hundredfold, then why isn’t your audience onboard? Your marketing campaigns were top notch. Your brand is authentic. The product is next level. The price is right.

What isn’t clicking?

A truly disruptive product or idea goes far beyond typical change resistance and creative marketing. Often you’re asking people to change their entire way of being, not just shifts in their activities…

But changes to the very core of their identity.

And that is much deeper, more complex work. That kind of work is about inspiring self transformation.

Inspiring your audience to rewrite their own story.

that’s what we do… we inspire rewrites.

Merging change management, entertainment, learning, branding, individual psychology, communications, and experience design, we help your audiences to re-understand, re-imagine and re-build their story with you.



Why do we want to help?

Because change is the future, and we want disruption to become less disrupting and more empowering. We want to accelerate the innovation that will bring a brighter tomorrow. We want to get people excited about the immense opportunities that come for all of us when we learn to re-understand, re-imagine and re-build intentional stories.


how would we work together?


rewrite workshop

We’ll tap into the inner psychologist, storyteller, improviser, and epic leader insight on your team, ask the right questions, and facilitate the design of a solid and flexible plan that’s ready to inspire tomorrow.



Bring on our creative, story power as part of your advisory team to add value during branding, new product/services design, to help strategize for a launch, or to optimize overall engagement.


Innovation sandbox

Train your brain, tackle a particular challenge or just keep flexing those muscles at the gym by joining an innovation sandbox with a small group of people who think nothing like you. This is a combination of monthly individual and group coaching.


Let's start A conversation.


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I’m Carley, the founder of the MATUTINE and Innovation Lead for Advisory Services. I would love to personally meet with you, learn about your disruptive endeavors, and show you a little bit of what we do here. This is a brainstorm, a heart-to-heart, and the beginning of what I hope will become an alliance between kindred spirits.

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