"We have guided missiles and misguided men."
Martin Luther King, Jr.
The Matutine Experience Network was birthed to inspire and empower the next iteration of leadership and creation.
Matutine is an experience network (think of the next generation of a TV network).
Our mission is to facilitate innovative, quality experiences that will empower our audience to consciously create a thriving humanity, together.
We help you to:
Find each other.
Listen to each other.
Learn from each other.
Challenge each other.
Forgive each other.
Build with each other.
Cherish each other.
Lead each other.
Our current experiences include media and gatherings.

our brand values

Lead from love  
Practice curiosity  
Celebrate diversity  
Take the risk
Embrace interdependence

the team

Carley Marcelle

Founder, Chief Visionary, #ReimaginedTogether Host, Extraordinary Brand Guide

From Chicago, USA

Located in Milwaukee, USA


emmanuel ebbi

Associate Producer + Communications Coordinator

From Lagos, Nigeria

Located in Montpellier France


hanlie van wyk

Collaborator, Media and Gatherings Co-Host

Co-Founder of Change Craft, Leadership and Inclusion Coach


From South Africa

Located in Phoenix area, USA

Sydney bauer

Creative Producer, Programming and Podcast Development

Located in Chicago, USA

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